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Pool Repair and Maintenance

Don't Let This Happen To Your Pool

Dirt Pool with Green Water

Don't Let This Happen To Your Pool

Let Pools By Waterston manage your pool care, and live worry free. Like to do your own monthly upkeep? We offer one time only services in order to assist in the major maintenance done annually.

Our Weekly Service Includes

  • Vacuum the Pool and Spa
  • Brush Pool walls and bottom
  • Skim Water Surface
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets
  • Clean Hair and Lint Strainer
  • Clean Water Line Tiles
  • Backwash Filter System
  • Check pH Levels and Adjust Accordingly
  • Plans Start at $95/mo
Water Chemical Tester
Pool Cleaning Supplies

Annual Services Offered

  • Spring Opening- Remove debris from the cover, stow the cover, vacuum the pool, clean the tile and coping, hose the deck and add the necessary chemicals to get the pool started. Check the pool equipment and inform the customer of any problems noticed.
  • Fall Closing - Clean the pool, blow out all pool pipes, add the winter chemicals, lower water to the winter level and install the winter cover.
  • Winter Inspection Program - During the winter months pools still need care. The water level may need to be adjusted after heavy rains, debris may accumulate on the cover and chemicals may need to be added to ensure good water quality in the Spring. For a reasonable fee, all the vitals on your pool are checked to keep it looking good and ready for you when the weather warms.


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Broken pump? Burst pipe? Cracked tile? Pools By Waterston specializes in top quality pool, deck, and equipment repairs. Want to upgrade your pool with umbrella holders or a water feature? We can make it happen. Contact Us

Drained Pool with Cracked Finish