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Fountains bring beauty and sound to your yard . . .

If you want to incorporate the soothing sound of running water, but don't really care for a waterfall, you can consider designing a fountain into your plans. There are two common fountain types: a free standing specialty fountain system or a telescoping system that is installed in an existing body of water.

Either can be the right choice depending on your design requirments. For example, a pool is perfect for telescoping fountains. Backyard patios are ideal for specialty fountains. Both can be a perfect addition to a small lake, pond, spa or pool. Telescoping fountains sit recessed at the base of an enclosed water area when not in use. When you turn it on the telescope is raised up to the waterline electronically. The pumps supplying the water out of the top are carefully hidden away.

Like with any of the other water creations we build, tell us your dream. Working together we can get the design down on paper for your review and approval. From waterfalls, spa-pool combinations, deep canyon creations, fountain creations and backyard island adventures, Pools by Waterston will turn your dream into reality.

Why choose us?

The Pools By Waterston team has over 25 years of experience designing and creating unique custom pools for every possible environment. Each project is approached with the overall satisfaction of the family with whom we are working. Careful attention to detail coupled with superior craftsmanship will convince you, it's time to travel the world at home.

Please call or message us today and make an appointment so we can make your dream come true too! The Waterston staff specializes in designing pools for the particular lifestyle of you, our customers. When we talk about custom, that's exactly what we mean. No two pools are ever the same. We build all shapes and sizes. Tell us about your dream and together, we'll build it!

Visit our Photo Gallery to see a variety of custom pools that we have been privileged to build. In a few months, your backyard dream can become part of the gallery!.