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Outdoor Cooking Centers

When you’ve designed an outdoor backyard to include a custom swimming pool, why not add an outdoor cooking center. Once you start using your pool, you’ll discover that the little charcoal grill in the corner of your patio doesn’t suit your new outdoor lifestyle. Neither does having someone running inside and outside trying to prepare dinner while family and guests are enjoying themselves around the pool.

It’s time to consider an outdoor cooking center, especially if you enjoy cooking and love to be outside. When you cook indoors during the warm summer season it heats up the interior of your home. Additionally, you usually don’t get to spend a lot of quality time with your family and guests if you’re spending your time in the kitchen.

So now you will be able to mingle with your guests and prepare meals all at the same time with an outdoor cooking center.

Cooking outdoors requires enough room to maneuver and will depend on your budget. Since the cooking center will be on a new or existing patio, begin with the patio itself.

Be sure the patio is level and in excellent condition. Next you layout the cook center and determine the appliances you will select to install.

Consider installing an awning or partial cover. It’s not necessary, but would allow you to cook and eat while protecting your guests from harsh direct sunlight. Design for comfort and remember, this is adding value to your home. So consider it an investment.

The outdoor cooking center allows you to create a complete meal outdoors. It’s like having a second kitchen in your home.

Outdoor cooking centers consist of gas and electric appliances that are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and can be either built-in or freestanding.

An outdoor cooking center can be simply a beautiful area with a 2-burner grill. Or, it can be very elaborate. Gourmet outdoor kitchens – consisting of a grill, side burners, rotisseries, oven, workspace, and storage – sometimes also include beverage centers, sinks, warming drawers, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits. They can be located anywhere in the uncovered outdoors, as long as you establish, gas, electric and plumbing connections. Designing an outdoor cooking center is similar to designing a kitchen. You need to consider the same issues. The aesthetics, the types and amount of foods you cook, the cooking methods you prefer, and the BTU’s required should help you determine the type of cooking center that’s best for you.

Another interesting point is that while women make a majority of the decisions about the indoor kitchen, men are more involved in the outdoor cooking center decision making.

And just as everyone gathers in the kitchen when they’re indoors, the outdoor cooking center has become the center of outdoor activity. The smells, the air, the outdoor noises. The whole outdoor environment is sometimes just more enjoyable than being inside.
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