San Joaquin Valley Pool Builder
For Over 35 Years

Dreams are what you make of them...

If you think that working from home would be fantastic, how about vacationing at home! No more rushing to stand in line at the airport. No need to shuffle luggage from rental cars to hotel rooms. No worries about your belongings in the room while you take a dip in the pool.

Pools by Waterston has lovely pictures of several finished pools for you to get an idea of what you may like or which style of pool will enhance the space you have at hand. Once your project is finished, the fun begins! Listening to the sounds of "Marco" - "Polo" from the kids in the pool, you'll rest easy knowing your youngsters are close by and safe in your own backyard. Taking romantic dips before bedtime will be wonderfully refreshing. And, just knowing you can walk outside and exercise while cooling off is refreshing in itself.

Aside from spending time with the family, you have fun inviting your friends and extended family over for pool parties. On special occasions, add a theme to the gathering to make it more fun. Play music in the background and ask your guests to dress in attire that is appropriate to the party's theme. Don't forget to fire up the barbecue. Another time just invite a few couples over for a party under the stars. Set the mood with some romantic music. Forget the barbecue, set out a cold cut buffet for your guests. You'll find they will like the change from the usual.